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Berserk V1 - IZULIGHTS Berserk V1 - IZULIGHTS
Berserk V1 LED Light $27.99 $55.98
The loner Guts is hired by Griffith and his group of mercenaries, but the success of their army could have dire consequences. After many requests, we have added the Berserk anime LED Lamps collection! Get yourself a light of one of these classics right now!  Each model has 16 different and bright colors, which you can adjust according to your mood! 😎 Makes the perfect gift! From anime to cartoons, find the right present for anyone! 🧧 Ideal night light! It doesn't hurt your eyes, and it's suitable for reading at night or making your little ones feel safe by acting as a night light.    ✨ The LED Lights don't consume a lot of power, due to which it also has a long life span.    ⚡️  


16 changeable colors for every mood!

Energy Efficient

Integrated energy efficient LED system for a long life span

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