Our Story

If you've ever shopped from us, you will know the quality and customer satisfaction that we provide. Through the past year, we have fulfilled over 10.000 orders and 2.000 custom orders. The lights we deliver are durable and energy-efficient. We have always put the clients' needs at the top of our priority list; hence almost every client has left positive feedback.


Many buy LED lamps from our store, and our storefront has become very popular since it started. But do you ever wonder how did this venture start? What's the story behind IZU Lights? Like every other friend circle in college, we also wanted to do something more; many start freelancing or do internships. We decided to create IZU Lights!


The process wasn't that simple though, we stumbled upon the idea of creating these glorious lights after much thought. You see, the founding members of this business: a trio of Mike, Angelo, and Maya all liked various shared interests. All of them were big anime geeks; infact, they all used to binge-watch Naruto together; now, that's friendship goals not many will be able to achieve.


In short, they all had an interest in anime, so whatever they did, it should've involved anime. Apart from the fact that they all are big-time weebs, they also shared a common interest in interior design. There's something about interior design that the trio was so attracted to the prospect of it.


We only used to operate on social media, where we would take custom orders. We used to show our lights off on social media. Eventually, people would come with a picture and beg us to turn it into an IZU Light, which of course, we gladly did! (Did you know most of our earlier models used to be custom orders from people?) 


We came online with our site to scale up their venture, and since then, we have provided many LED lamps to many weebs. 


We're now at the point where we have more than 350 designs that you can choose from. All the significant fandoms are included here; you want a Naruto model? We've got you. You need a model of your favorite waifu? We've got it. And if you don't find anything that suits your style, our team is just like at the beginning of our journey, ready to turn your custom picture into an IZU Light!


The journey from the trio's Instagram page to this website wasn't easy. Still, the trio persisted, and here we are today, you're reading their success story.