Gon and Killua V1 LED Light

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Gon and Killua are some of the most loved characters in all shonen anime; Hunter X Hunter manages to stay relevant to this day! Get yourself one of these beauties to fill up your desk or nightstand! Unleash your inner weeb with the Hunter X Hunter LED lamps from IZU Lights!

  • Each model has 16 different and bright colors, which you can adjust according to your mood! 😎

  • Makes the perfect gift! From anime to cartoons, find the right present for anyone! 🧧

  • Ideal night light! It doesn't hurt your eyes, and it's suitable for reading at night or making your little ones feel safe by acting as a night light.   

  • The LED Lights don't consume a lot of power, due to which it also has a long life span.   ⚡️